About Active Homes

For over 10 years, Active Homes have helped clients realize their dream homes. As one of Edmonton’s most successful builders, we pride ourselves in building high-quality, beautiful and personalized homes.

We work exclusively with the industry’s best craftspeople, each a master of his/her trade and are able turn your vision into reality. A respected member of the Progressive Home Warranty, Active Homes will make your home building experience as pleasurable one.

We understand that every family is unique and that’s why our floor plans and designs are flexible to accommodate your specific needs. We pay attention to what your needs are and ensure that your home is reflection of you. After all, your home should be all about you.

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Ready to move in new homes


We are pleased to now offer 5 new exciting floor plans in our Laned Homes. These new homes range in size from 1300-1535 sq. ft. and boast incredible standard features such as -Granite countertops throughout -Laminate wood floors, tile and carpet with upgraded underpad -Kitchens with corner pantries -Open concept layouts offering 3 bedrooms. Read more

Progress Home Warranty

We are proud to be working with progressive Home Warranty which is designed to protect you as a home buyer. Read more

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